Most car owners go to great lengths to protect their vehicles from damage. While it’s possible to go for years without getting involved in an accident, this doesn’t mean that your car will be dent free. Unlike other kinds of damage your vehicle may suffer, dents are almost unavoidable.

Repair of dents is not something you’re likely to file an insurance claim for since the cost is probably lower than the deductible. This means that you’ll have to shoulder the burden of such repairs. K&S Car Wash highlights 5 different ways of fixing such dents on your car.

Try a Plunger!

The simplest way to fix a dent is to try pulling it out, but this is easier said than done. There’s nothing on the body of the vehicle to grip and pull out the dented section, and this is where the plunger comes in!

The plunger you use to clear your clogged drains can be used to create a sucking effect that may help to straighten the dent.

Dent Puller

In case you want a solution for your dents that’s a little more professional, you can also buy a dent puller. These are available at most auto repair shops. Dent pullers operate using the same principle as the plunger, but they are specially designed for this job. Additionally, you can find dent pullers with more than one suction cup. These have better pulling power.

Adhesive Repair Kits

These are yet another type of dent puller that relies on adhesives instead of suction. The adhesive is applied before pulling, and then a solvent is used to dissolve the adhesive.

Sudden Temperature Change

A clever method that can be used to repair minor dents takes advantage of the effect of a sudden temperature change. A hairdryer is put on the highest temperature setting and used to heat up the dented area for a few minutes. Then, a can of compressed air is used to spray the area that has just been heated. The sudden temperature change will cause expansions and contractions, which may allow the dent to pop out.

Take the Car to an Expert

These are just a few of the DIY methods you can try for removing a dent from your vehicle. There are a few issues you may encounter with most home remedies when fixing dents. For starters, these methods may not work on serious dents, there are always risks with DIY projects, so proceed with caution! Taking your car to an experienced auto body expert is the approach that will offer the best results. Here’s to dent-free driving from K&S Car Wash!