Having a teenage driver in the house can be a very frightening experience. Even if we have done our job well and watched proudly as they aced their test at the DMV, you still worry that your son or daughter lacks the experience needed to stay safe behind the wheel. Those fears are certainly well founded. There is a reason, after all, that car insurance rates for teenage drivers are so high, and accidents in this age group are far higher than average. So, what can you do to jump start driving experience for your teenage son or daughter? How can you equip them to deal with all the hazards, sudden weather changes and other challenges the world will eventually throw at them and their cars? K&S Car Wash has some suggestions to provide you some peace of mind and could help your teen more safely navigate the roads. We believe the answer could be as simple as a side hustle, in this case part-time work that involves delivering food, groceries and other essentials. Here are six big lessons in driving, and in life, that new drivers will gain when they hit the road.
  1. New drivers will gain experience driving in all kinds of areas and weather conditions. In most states getting a driver’s license is fairly easy, requiring a very basic demonstration of automotive talents that also fails to duplicate real world conditions. With a side hustle that requires regular driving, the new driver in your life will be exposed to all kinds of driving and weather conditions, giving them the real world experience they need to stay safer on the road.
  2. Teens get a chance to build a work ethic. Many of us would agree, if there is one gift you can give the next generation, it is a solid work ethic. Whether your son or daughter trains for a great career or gravitates to self-employment, the work ethic they learn now will continue to serve them well.
  3. New drivers can learn about automotive expenses. There is nothing like owning your own car and paying for your own gas to demonstrate the costs of automotive ownership and maintenance. A side hustle that requires regular driving will help demonstrate that owning a car is not free, and that can give your new driver a new found respect, even if they are just driving the family car.
  4. New workers can learn about taxes and their impact. Tax time can be a wakeup call for new workers. With no withholdings, first time employees get to see how much the government really takes, giving them a reality check and an important financial lesson.
  5. Students can set their own hours. Juggling a part-time job and full-time schooling is not an easy thing to do, and many teen workers see their grades suffer. With part-time work, busy students can set their own hours, hitting the road only after their homework is done.
  6. Parents can provide real-time support and safety. Part-time work can be great, but it does have its dangers, especially for teens who are new at driving – and at life. But your kids do not have to go it alone, not when mom and dad can be by their side. The great thing about a food delivery side hustle is that you can accompany your teen, providing extra support and another set of eyes in unfamiliar surroundings.
  7. The more frequent driving a teens does, the more they will also learn the importance of keeping their vehicle clean and free from road debris, bugs and more. That’s where regular car washes at SpeedWash Car Wash can come in handy. Our free vacuums also come in handy for the interior. Considering an unlimited wash club membership so that your son or daughter can visit the wash as often as necessary and keep the vehicle looking its best may not be a bad idea.
At K&S Car Wash, we know getting a job is a staple of teenage life for many kids. Freed from the house and with access to the family car or their own set of wheels, new drivers are anxious to hit the road. With mom or dad in the passenger seat, those new drivers can gain the confidence and experience they need to stay safe behind the wheel, helping parents sleep more soundly at night and setting themselves up for a lifetime of success.