Owning and driving a vehicle is essential for the majority of us to live our daily lives. Making sure your vehicle is in great working condition is just as important as using it to go places. Unfortunately, many car owners don’t know the basics of taking care of their vehicles and wind up paying thousands in repairs. Not only does poor vehicle maintenance hurt your wallet, but it also shortens the lifespan of your vehicle. K&S Car Wash wants you to avoid paying more and get the most out of your vehicle with these four basic fundamentals for vehicle maintenance. Take care of your car by following these easy maintenance fundamentals to keep it running smoothly long into the future.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Getting the oil changed in your vehicle regularly will keep your car running smoothly. Oil changes help lubricate the engine of your car and keep its surrounding parts running without any friction. It’s important to get oil changes done for your vehicle after a set amount of miles that you put on your car. Refer to your owner’s manual or a trusted mechanic to let you know when to get your next oil change. The mechanic can place a sticker in the top left corner of your windshield as a handy reminder. The sticker will have a mileage number that indicates the number of miles your odometer will read when you need to get the oil changed.

Check Tire Pressure

The next fundamental every car owner must learn is the importance of checking your tire pressure frequently. It might seem like a simple thing to do, but many people overlook it because they rely heavily on their tire sensors. Sometimes these sensors are inaccurate, and it’s best to check your tires yourself. Most gas stations have air pressure pumps where you can check the tire pressure and add or remove air at the same time. Doing this often will help your car ride smoother and prolong the life of your tires. As a bonus, save yourself some money and find a gas station that provides free access to an air pressure pump.

Take a Drive

Taking your vehicle on long drives is the next fundamental point, because of how beneficial it is for your vehicle. Your car was built to be driven. Letting it sit around for too long or not driving it enough can decrease its battery life and allow rust to form. Rust can lead to corrosion that can severely shorten its longevity on the road. Highways are the best places to take your car on a long drive. Highways are helpful because you can drive for longer periods without putting extra wear and tear on your breaks. Long drives are the key to a healthy engine, battery and vehicle.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

It might not seem like it matters, but cleaning your vehicle is a great way to ensure it lasts a long time. A car wash at K&S will remove debris that might be sticking in your tires or breaks. It can also help reduce rust or corrosion that could spread. Washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of your car thoroughly and regularly will allow you to notice any minor details that might have changed on your car also. These details can range from small scratches to dents in your vehicle that you might not have noticed otherwise. K&S Car Wash Unlimited Wash Clubs are a convenient way to wash your vehicle regularly for one low monthly price. K&S Car Wash wants to help you keep your vehicle in good condition, saving you time and money in the future and let you relax knowing that you have a reliable method of transportation for important events or during your daily commute. Doing these simple fundamentals will go a long way in preserving the longevity of your vehicle.