1) A Cooler Drive

Tinted windows don’t just make your car look cool from the outside. High-quality tinting can block up to 60 percent of the sun’s heat from entering your car. Less heat coming in reduces the load on your air conditioning system, extending its life, cuts back on fuel consumption, and eases the pressure on your car’s battery.

2) UV Blocking

High-quality tinting blocks nearly all of the UV rays present in ordinary sunlight, helping to protect your upholstery and other interior features from fading, warping, and cracking. And of course, UV blocking also reduces the potential health risks of being stuck in traffic, with no escape from the scorching sun.

3) Improved Visibility

With a tinted windshield, glare is greatly reduced. You’ll be less likely to be dazzled while driving, and so safety is enhanced. The same is true at night. If an inconsiderate driver floods your car with full-beam headlights, the tinting will offer some amount of protection. Check your local regulations though, because full-windshield tinting is not allowed in some jurisdictions.

4) Increased Glass Strength

While the idea that tinting makes car windows unbreakable is a myth, it does increase their strength and safety. Minor chips are less likely to quickly spread, and it takes a much stronger impact to shatter the glass. If the worst does happen and your window breaks, tinting will offer protection against it exploding into shards, and will also reduce the amount of fine splinters entering the car.

5) Increased Privacy and Security

Even a light tint will increase your privacy inside your car, while a darker tint will make it very difficult indeed to see inside. The benefits of this go beyond simply blocking prying eyes of strangers. Car thieves are more likely to pass by a car when they can’t see inside to check for security systems, and opportunistic criminals won’t see any valuables you’ve left inside by mistake. Again, check your local regulations, as the legally permitted level of tinting can vary. There is one important point to bear in mind. Although low-cost kits are available to make tinting your car windows easy and quick, the results of doing it yourself are often mixed. Tinting fitted by an amateur can quickly start to bubble and peel. Such faulty tinting not only looks unsightly but can dangerously reduce visibility. To add to the problem, self-fitted tinting can reduce the resale value of your car, unless the job has been expertly done. For the best results, hire a professional to install your tinting. It’s quick and relatively inexpensive, and the benefits will last for years to come. Once you’ve tinted your windows, make sure to keep them clean with a wash at any of our Auburn or Weedsport, NY K&S Car Wash locations.