1. Build Your Exercise Habit Differently

If you have a treadmill gathering dust in your home and you just can’t seem to get motivated to use it, change your thinking just a bit. Rather than focusing on the task of exercising on that machine every day, see if you can make one small step in the right direction. Try making it a habit to put your sneakers on after dinner each night. Once you have them on, see if you can muster at least a walk on the treadmill. If you focus on the step of just putting your sneakers on, the thought of exercise may not seem so dreadful. The same trick can work no matter what your workout choice. Just make it a habit of taking one small step towards your workout readiness, and the rest should more easily follow.

2. Think Outside the Gym

One person’s workout does not have to look like yours. You may need to scrap the textbook idea of a gym workout if it just doesn’t work for you. There are limitless choices out there for physical activity, so find one that gets you excited. Is there an activity you’ve always wanted to try but have never gotten the chance? Maybe it’s learning tennis, biking, kayaking or yoga. There’s no harm in giving different things a try to keep yourself invigorated and find an activity that suits you. In fact, try to have a few enjoyable physical activities you can turn to throughout the week. You can rent or borrow equipment for a while or do a trial class until you find out if an activity is right for you. Try joining a beginner’s group or class for a more welcoming experience. Even activities like gardening, cleaning, or dancing in your living room can help you with getting in shape. So don’t worry what the rest of the neighborhood is doing to get fit and find what works for you.

3. Go with a Buddy

Working out with a friend is more enjoyable, and it will increase your motivation to stick to your workout plan. Did you know that those who start a weight loss program with a buddy are much more likely to complete it? Hanging around people with similar health and fitness goals makes you more likely to be successful, research has found. Find some friends who are looking to make getting in shape a priority in 2020 and make a pact to help each other; you’ll be glad you did. If none of your friends are on a fitness kick, try a Meetup group or bootcamp where you can make new acquaintances with similar goals. You don’t have to be the best of pals to support each other and have a bit of fun.

4. Reward Yourself

Just because getting in shape might be the right thing to do doesn’t make it easy. Set up some small goals so you can reward yourself along the way. You deserve a pat on the back for working hard! Having milestones to work towards will also help you feel like you’re making progress. Getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight, and you don’t want it to feel like an endless slog. If you make your exercise goal for the week or month, a small reward can help keep you energized.

Reward ideas that aren’t food include:

  • Download a new album
  • Take in a new movie in town
  • Ladies, buy some new hair accessories
  • Try a back or foot massage
  • Take yourself someplace new you’ve wanted to visit near Weedsport or Auburn.
  • Get your car cleaned!

5. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Try some affirmations to help mold your behavior into what you want. Choose words that will ignite your motivation and stick them on your bathroom mirror, in your car, or on your alarm every morning. Affirmations align your thinking with where you want to go. In saying the words, you’ll start to believe in yourself and your capabilities. Some affirmations for getting in shape include:
  • I am getting stronger every day
  • I am fierce
  • I am on a path to fitness
  • My body is my temple
  • I am committed to my goal
  • I will conquer exercise
You can also create your own affirmations around your own goals or values–whatever gets you energized.

Your Path to Getting in Shape

Through a combination of these tips, you’ll see that getting in shape is more achievable than ever. The road may not be short or easy, but you’ll have tools to prop you up and keep you going. Added bonus? Just think how great you’ll look and feel driving around Auburn or Weedsport after your visit to K&S Car Wash!