There are thousands of insurance companies out there and each does its best to convince you to insure your car with them. Company A claims to give you the best coverage available and Company B declares they are the most reliable insurer. So how can a person be sure that he/she has chosen the best plan? K&S Car Wash explores some strategies that will help you choose the most appropriate coverage for your vehicle and your needs.

Use a comparison website

Although it is important to have adequate car insurance, many people don’t compare rates and shop around. This is a huge mistake since rates can differ by hundreds of dollars between one company and the next, Does comparing the rates of hundreds of insurance companies sound too time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be. Fire up your computer and Google called auto insurance comparison websites. It doesn’t take long to compare rates on these sites, and it could save you a lot of money. Most people think the only way to get affordable auto insurance is to buy a policy from the company directly. While this is true sometimes, often, there are cheaper premiums available in the secondary market. Instead of spending ten hours figuring out which insurers have the lowest rates, you can get a quote in less than sixty seconds on comparison websites.

Bundle Car and Home Insurance

Have you ever thought about bundling car and home insurance policies to save on auto insurance? By combining the two under one policy you can lower your rate. Several insurance companies offer discounts on combined auto and home policies, particularly if they’re issued by the same insurer. With claims, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. Bundling your auto and homeowner’s policies with the same company can help you avoid potential hassles. The downside is that it can keep you from shopping around for a better rate.

Drop collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Law requires a driver to have auto insurance, which includes a mix of uninsured motorist coverage, liability coverage, and PIP insurance. But you don’t have to have collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance pays for damage to your car if you hit an object, like a tree, while driving and covers accidents that don’t involve another vehicle. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage related to theft or weather-related damage. If your car is over five years old or has 100,000 miles or more on it, dropping collision and comprehensive might make sense since its value has dropped, and it wouldn’t cost as much to replace it. Ask yourself if you have money to buy a new car if a tornado turns it over or a tree branch lands on the roof. Keep your coverage if not. You might also keep it if having it gives you extra peace of mind. You can’t drop comprehensive or collision coverage if you lease a car.

Insure Multiple Cars Under the Same Policy

Having more than one vehicle insured under the same policy can save you money on your auto insurance. However, it’s important to look into the details of how these policies differ from a traditional car insurance policy as bundling can sometimes increase your rates, However, the average amount you can save by bundling can be as high as 25%. There is a maximum number of cars you can insure on one policy and that number is usually four.

Consider Lowering Your Deductible

To save money on car insurance, consider lowering the deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket if you’re involved in an accident. The insurance company picks up the rest. If you have a low deductible, your insurance company is on the hook for more money if you’re in an accident. Therefore, they charge you a higher monthly premium. By raising your deductible, your insurance company will charge you a lower monthly premium. On the downside, should you have an accident, you’ll pay more out of pocket. So, look at your financial situation and make sure you can easily cover that higher deductible should the need arise. According to a study by InsuraQuotes, premiums drop by 8 to 10% when deductibles rise from $500.00 to $1,000.

The Bottom Line

Driving an automobile is a privilege. It’s not a right and becoming licensed to drive a car is a responsibility that we all have. As most of us already know, auto insurance is required by law to drive, which shows how important it is to have car insurance when you’re on the road. K&S Car Wash also believes that it is important to make sure your car insurance doesn’t strain your budget. Choose wisely!