The size of your auto insurance premium is affected by a wide variety of different factors. Many of these factors, such as your age, home address, and marital status, are either difficult or impossible to change. However, there are still plenty of steps that you can take to reduce your monthly auto insurance costs, so here are some helpful hints from your friends at K&S Car Wash

Clean Up Your Credit History

Insurance companies will look at your credit history to determine how high your insurance premiums should be. Bad credit demonstrates that you are unable or unwilling to pay your bills when they are due. As a result, insurance companies will charge you higher premiums to cover these risks. To reduce your premiums, you can clean up your credit history by paying your bills on time, closing credit accounts, and reducing debt.

Opt for A Small Vehicle

SUVs, pickup trucks, and other large vehicles attract a higher insurance premium. The higher cost is due to larger repair bills after an accident. If you want to lower your insurance bill, consider purchasing a smaller vehicle.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Your auto insurance premiums will be higher if your insurer notices that you have a record of poor driving. Once your insurer discovers that you have traffic tickets or have appeared in court several times due to driving misdemeanors, they are likely to charge you a higher premium. Not only will safe driving keep costs down, but it protects you and others on the road.

Insure Multiple Vehicles

Your insurer is likely to give you a better rate if you choose to insure multiple vehicles with them. Insurance companies would like to retain your business and avoid losing you to competitors. When looking for a quote, you must provide proof that you reside in the same residence as the drivers of the other vehicles you are insuring. Also, you can insure multiple drivers of the same vehicle, though your premiums will be higher if one or more of the drivers are teens.

Shop Around for a Better Premium

Start shopping around for a better rate once you notice that your premium is about to expire. If you stay with the same insurer for many years, you will be subject to rate increases from time to time. One of the best ways to avoid higher prices is by shopping around for a better insurer and comparing rates. Auto insurance premiums can take up a significant amount of personal income if you don’t actively seek ways to reduce them. K&S Car Wash encourages you to take the time to implement a few of these tips, some easier than others, and keep more money in your wallet as a result