Yes, too much togetherness is a real thing. During the pandemic many of us are reaching our limits. Parents are on furlough, money is tight, and the kids are attending home-based school programs. With caregivers suddenly having to learn to homeschool their kids, patience can be running thin. Now is a good time to take a breath and rearrange our expectations for both ourselves and our families. This month K&S Car Wash is pleased to bring you four ways to bring a little more peace and wellness into your life.

Recognize Your Breaking Point

Homeschooling and working from home are new challenges for parents and kids. Everyone is on a tight schedule and work needs to get done on time. The responsibilities keep adding up and you might be feeling the pressure. There is a breaking point and it is important to recognize your limits. Create a “code word” that is not antagonistic or sarcastic to others. Use this phrase as a way to state that you need a half-hour of space to recharge. You can take a shower, go for a walk or call a friend. Use a timer if necessary, but do something that helps you to calm down. Don’t feel guilty about giving yourself a “time out” because you need it to be a better person. Consider using age-appropriate video programs that encourage exercising or dancing. Sometimes the extra activity is the perfect stress release. Join the kids to blow off steam while laughing along with them. If it feels like things are continuing to escalate, consider retiring to a different area of the house for a little personal time. Recognize that downtime activities are unique to everyone. Whether this means taking a nap, reading a book, or watching an episode of a favorite show, use the time to regroup and recharge.

Create Personal Space for Everyone

Personal space can be a bedroom, a balcony, or your own chair. In a crowded home, agree on this space ahead of time. When a loved one uses the “code word,” recognize their need for a “time out” and allow them to take a break. Set up the area to create the peaceful, relaxation necessary to destress. Adults and teens may need a comfortable chair and their phone to relax for a few minutes before going back to work. Younger children may require a few toys, a snack, or some cuddle time. You can even add pillows and blankets to your area for added comfort. Encourage your loved ones to help make the area completely theirs. If space is limited, set up their personal area fresh every morning.  

Compromising is the Key to Creating a Little Stability

Compromising is many times the key to keeping the peace and getting through anything with your sanity intact. Choose your battles carefully and enjoy a little stability in your daily routine. Compromising creates flexibility for the workload ahead. The purpose is to keep everyone on schedule to achieve their goals. Ask each person what they need to get their work done. They may want to alter their schedule around preset activities. This may mean your child wants lunch before attending an online class today. Okay. It gives them a sense of control and satisfaction. If it does not interfere with their education or your workload, is there a good reason to deny them?

Don’t Be Stuffy!

Take time to laugh and have fun. Binge-watch old comedies or try to make up some knock, knock jokes. Go old school and break out the comic section of the newspaper and read as a family. Activities like this also make it easier to help your child improve their reading. It’s a relatively easy way to create a win-win and enjoy your day more. Consider “open mic night,” even if you can’t carry a tune without a bucket. Remember, it’s about the experience and the laughter, not the notes. Let go of the day’s tensions and laugh. Seize the moment and teach the younger ones that even during an epidemic, you can find a moment of joy. You and your family may be dealing with a lot of stress and tension on a daily basis. Cope in ways that strengthen your bond and build stronger relationships. Talk to each member of your household and create a plan of action. Remember that things change, and it is always better to have a plan. K&S Car Wash hopes you stay strong and healthy. Remember to laugh, learn, and grow during the days ahead.